Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Special Thanks to ... [Offline Blog for 6/5]

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  • FRIENDS, as they're the one who kept on asking me out "yam cha", even though I kept on rejecting it since my grandma doesnt allow me to go out till late night. I just hope that before I go to Kampar, I can hang out with them just one more time, other than "yam cha" of course !

  • YCW, as my first ever housemate and bringing craziness and insanity into my Foundation year. Thanks to your friends too, Shi Hooi, Mel Lee, BB Zai, Nemo, Kok Lee, Ah Teng and sort...its been fun to be with you lot.

    I still remember the test that you lot gave me. Given you 5 colours, red, yellow, green, orange and white, attach a person's name to the colour given without hesitation. The meaning behind the colours are then explained to me, and here's my choice:

    Red, someone whom you love.
    => I cant write it here, its private !

    Yellow, someone who knows you the most.
    => Scotty, didnt really think that it was real at first, but when time goes by, maybe its real ! Kaka~

    Green, someone whom you'll never forget.
    => Freezie, she's the first ever person I found to be sharing the same birthday as me, perhaps we stay at the same hospital when we're born too !

    Orange, your best friend ever.
    => SL, being helpful is more than enough, but sometimes I didnt really ask for his help, as he's already busy enough with his family and housemates.

    White, the person that you're waiting for.
    => Shi Hooi, not waiting her to (eh hem) love me, but waiting her to pay back the debt ! And finally, the time came and I cleared my debt.

  • Fellow TE 4rians, that accompanied me through the Foundation year. Please dont bother what I've said when I'm angry, those words doesnt really make sense and I hope that you dont mind listening it too. Cant sure who shares the closest bond with me since every semester we're changing but, I do hope that we'll be together again in the same lecture hall, doing assignments and DoTA-ing till late night again.

  • Fellow TE students, though only know certain of them. Choi, Pei Zi, Yen Yee, Xiao Rou, and some TE 3 students are the one that I've been talking to, thanks for the memories that we've been through, big or small, important and not-really important...

  • Our lecturers ! Thanks to Miss Evil Laugh for teaching us and care about our class; same goes to Miss Y, who taught us CS during semester 1; Mr Joe, thanks for your whacky and funny lecture class; Mr TT, for teaching us Biology I and Mr PD for Biology II; Miss TT for Chemistry I and Miss Banu with Miss Leong for Chemistry II; never forgotten Miss Tee for Programming and Web Page and lastly, all the English lecturers !

    Thanks to Miss Wong too, not for teaching me Chemistry, but for remembering me through out the whole Foundation year.

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