Sunday, May 24, 2009

Second Day

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I almost forgot how does it feels already ... the hunger !

Eh hem...

Sorry for being that way, its just too good to be able to online again and posting my first ever online post in Kampar ! Online blogging, how can I forget this wonderful feeling !?

Its the second night I stay at Kampar...onlined the whole day for downloading movies, dramas and playing Facebook's Restaurant City. I always miss-looked it as "Racoon City" and I shocked myself. =_=

Anyway, 2 of my housemates (well, both of them are girl) just back from KL and we greeted each other. Talking about housemates, I never get a better housemate other than YCW. Will I be able to find some here ? Yea, supposed to be, since we're staying under one roof, studying under the same university and hanging out together...

Now talking about YCW, I really should write a post about you someday with one condition...I want your picture posted ! Haha~

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