Sunday, August 9, 2009

Final Fantasy III DS + Random Update

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Didnt really got the mood to update my blog these days, we're getting more and more busy as the due date for everything started to come ! Hey, did I forgotten those mid term tests !? Oh heck ! Anyway, a small update for the week:

The above clip was the opening for Final Fantasy III for Nintendo DS. Believe it, its Nintendo DS ! Yeah for Square-Enix as their Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart series proofs that Nintendo DS' graphic could be that nice ! They always show us the potential of our gaming console could go further, the best would be Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Nintendo GBA. Never seen such a cut scene in GBA games before.

Currently addicted to Final Fantasy III DS, I know its not the time for it but, I'll try not to play too often. Tests coming up this week, so does the due date for the usual chemistry report and assignments.

Better get started to continue on the game go revision on chemistry first, 15 sets of slides needed to be revised and memorised.

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