Saturday, August 22, 2009

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Another week passed and seems like we're getting closer and closer to our final exams. Everyone was busying about their assignments, preparing for their presentations and doing revisions on their mid term tests...but it doesnt seems like I'm doing the same thing as they do !

A lot of stuffs happened during the whole week and the most significant ones will be the shifting of my housemates to another house. Well...both of the girls do told me about their "shifting purpose" and wanted me to shift with them too, but since my grandma liked the house I'm staying now, so I refused it. Bye Sherry, bye Stacy, you know we will meet again someday, dont you ?

And so I'm here to take this opportunity to make a small announcement:

If you're going to study in UTAR Kampar campus sooner or later, please drop by my house in Westlake and check out the rooms available for rent ! No need to worry about those "one year contract with Danish House" as this is a private house so we're having much more facilities than Danish House ! Contact me through this blog if you wanted to know more. Hehe~

Anyway, I just got my camera last week from my aunt who're dropping by to pass me something regarding PTPTN stuffs. The first thing I tried it out is on my drawings ! I draw these quite some time ago, around the time when I'm still in Form 2 onwards and most of them are Conan. Too bad I cant post every Conan I draw myself since I already gave it to my friends as they liked it so much.

#Detective Conan's Kazuha as drawn in the manga's earlier chapters.#

#CK, I know this is your favorite, its Conan Edogawa aka Shinichi Kudo as drawn from the manga chapter cover ! This is my favorite and most beautiful Conan drawings of mine so far.#

#So mean...Kon from Bleach; drawn by me, shaded by one of the Fly FM outdoor DJ. As proof, I demanded him to sign off his signature at the bottom of the drawing and write "Fly FM". For more of this story, please refer here.#

#Ah, the most recent drawings of mine, which is Syaoran of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, drawn on the cover of my notebook. The picture I captured was quite blur...#

Posting it out just to share it with everyone. Haha~ Please comment on the drawings ya. Enjoy~


Kristin said...

I like the 3rd drawing. Its cute =)

Syaoran2138 said...

Glad you like it, its Kon from the anime Bleach. ^_^

Mae-lynn Heuk said...

found another mangaka here...nice nice ^^ keep on drawing spiky~ XD

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