Sunday, August 2, 2009

Final Fantasy Songs on You Tube !

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Its been some days since the last update, been busying with reports and mid term test lately. I think they're 3 more mid term to go for the coming week and 2 reports to be submitted ! What a rush...

Anyway, I've been looking through Final Fantasy series' instrumental song lately on You Tube. Cant remember why am I searching for it already but, I did found some nice ones and here it goes !

Lets start it slow with Kingdom Hearts' favorite theme, "Dearly Beloved" and "Hikari".

#Kingdom Hearts' "Dearly Beloved" on piano and violin. The perfect combination for this song and they played it just like the one inside the game. Cool~#

#Kingdom Hearts' "Hikari" on piano.#

Thats all for Kingdom Hearts, now lets start with 'Tifa's theme" for Final Fantasy series.

#Final Fantasy VII's "Tifa's theme" on piano. This song is best listened in piano, and nothing else !#

#Its the same with the one above, is just that I would like to share this video coz the girl dressed up herself as Tifa and playing "Tifa's theme"...Nice hair she got there, too bad she just played till half way.#

#Final Fantasy VII's "Main theme" on piano. Nothing much to say, this song is kinda like designed for piano only, nothing would be better than piano itself for this song !#

#Final Fantasy VII's "Aerith's theme" on piano. Though Aerith died in the game, her spirit is still with us ! Her theme song is the most touched song you could found in Final Fantasy VII series.#

#Hey, this is new, I never thought that "Aerith's theme" could be played using violin ! And this girl here is quite talented, she recorded quite a number of videos in You Tube with her violin on several famous themes of Final Fantasy series.#

#After that, I come across with this guy (or izzit a girl ?) who're playing with 2 guitars (or whatever it is named). Final Fantasy series "Chocoboo's theme" sounds nice on guitars !#

#Now lets get our self a little darker now, Final Fantasy VII's "Mako Reactor" on piano. This guy played very well !#

#You think "Mako Reactor" is scary, try this ! Final Fantasy VII's "Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony" on guitar ! I tried to find piano version but still, guitar's version suits the best.#

#Back to those darker instrumentals...Final Fantasy VI's "Decisive Battle remixed" on piano. I think this Japaneseg guy a little insane, coz he could play it so well !#

#Another version of Final Fantasy VI's "Decisive Battle remix", but this time on violin ! This dude could play it nicely too !#

#Finally...the last song for the day, Final Fantasy VII's "One-winged Angel", the ultimate theme of Final Fantasy VII series and Sephiroth's favorite. This song is best listened under orchestra and nothing else. Enjoy.#

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