Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Happened Lately ?

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Mid terms, assignments and reports. Oh ya, and that PTPTN too, which quite troublesome to almost all of the UTAR students.

"Where to certify my documents ?" some asked.

"DSA lor..."

"My IC can meh ? I havent certify my SPM certificate too..."

"Can...they certify almost everything."

Yeah, its good to have DSA helping you to certify everything that you need to pass up to the PTPTN officer, for those whom hometown is quite far away and ... lazy to go back. After everything was done, I realize that ... the documents need to be printed out on 80 gram A4 paper.

"80 gram A4 ?"

"Har...I thought printed documents has to be in 80 gram, now even the photostated ones ?" said "My" Chelle when we reached the DSA to seek for information regarding the PTPTN stuffs last Thursday.

"Heck, my documents already been certified, somemore its not in 80 gram A4 !"

I'm panic, thinking that the following week will be the submission date for the documents, there's no time to get the documents again from my busy family. But thank goodness I asked them the next morning about the paper issue, and they told me that:

"You wanna pass up your documents now ?"

"Eh, I mean no...Oh ya, can you help me check whether this paper can be used ?"

(Looking through the documents, which is not photostated on 80 gram A4) "Since you already certified it, it doesnt matter ... but for the documents in PTPTN website, they must be in 80 gram A4."


What a relief, since I didnt need my family to gather the documents again and specially printed on 80 gram A4 then certify it again and send it to me ... again.

Nah...not really what am I writing for this time. Just wanna update a little. Haha~

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