Friday, August 28, 2009

I Want a Kingdom Hearts' Blogger Template !

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The title said it all, and I would like to repeat it again...

I want a Kingdom Hearts' Blogger template desperately !!!

I found out that the laoding speed of my current template is kinda like slow for me, I'm not sure whether the same problem has been encountered by other people who're viewing my blog, since I didnt get any response on the loading speed of my blog.

I've already searched the Internet for some Kingdom Hearts' related template, but most of them are not very my kind of key to use...I want Roxas, with Xion and Axel would be the best ...

Arr...guess I'll just have to make one myself then ? Not really good in webpage design though I did score an A for my finals in Foundation, but I'll try to search again someday later on. Could you all please help me to find any sites which has Kingdom Hearts' Blogger template for me ? Thanks you for reading and ... good night !

P/S: I found some nice songs in You Tube again, I'll blog about it soon, so keep an eye on it !


Kelvin said...

haha, i am searching for a nice template too, but i have not seen Kingdom Hearts' Blogger template anywhere...


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