Monday, August 17, 2009

I Thought I Can Call it A Day, Until...

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I shall call it a day after all the stuffs been through since yesterday night.

Been busying for the computer studies (I know I suppose to call it the proper name "computer systems and applications" but since its the same subject that we had studied during Foundation just with a different name, I rather calling it back the old name) assignment yesterday around 7pm because we need to pass it up the next day. As usual, we're always the "last minute" person, even though we did tried to finish it up as soon as possible !

The whole assignment was consider done, just that there're still some part which we need to add in, say like the Microsoft Excel part, what a huge amount of formulas and functions we need to use in the assignment to get the small amount of marks. After finishing it, I printed it out during my dinner and I thought I can call it a day, until...

...I realized there's Cell Biology mid term 2 tomorrow.

So what now ? Study lor... But still, I didnt really studying since I'm on Facebook busy Pet-Society-ing and Crazy-Planets-ing. Hell yeah, thats what I really been doing while everyone was in the mood of studying, revisioning and memorizing. Thats what I thought, until I got a nudge from Sensei in MSN...

"Help me do table of to make the "table of content" page not to be "page 1" ?" she asked...or so typed...

"Blah blah blah..." (Which I'm lazy to write it out all over again, its actually the solution for the problem)

"Oh, how to do the link to Excel ? Coz we must *blah blah blah*..."

(I think I know what's the problem with her asking me to do the table of contents, so I asked her...) "Wait a sec, you're not Sensei izzit ?"

(Keep on asking me questions...then said) "I'm not Sensei anymore, I retired..."

(Ignored the statement and continue asking) "Since you keep on saying 'we' so I assume you're not Sensei..."

"Wuahahahaha~" (A voice clip recorded by Sensei from the MSN)


So, it was Sensei who're asking the questions so far and I thought it was someone else, then silence for a few minutes.

"Hey, help me do, I'll send it over."


Soon after, I accepted the documents and started my job. Upon completion, I send it back over to Sensei and I thought I can call it a day, until...

...Rannie nudge me in MSN.

"How to link Excel to Word ?"

"Blah blah blah..." (Which is the solution, of course...)

(After a few minutes) "I dunno how to do lar, you help me can ?"

Takkan la I nak watch him die right ? Instead of teaching him how to do it in the Microsoft-Office-2003 way without realizing he's using 2007 version, I accepted the files I demanded from him and working on it. After the final touch on "justifying", re-size the "fonts" and changing everything to "Times New Roman"...I send it back to him along with the Excel file that I corrected a little.

"I see that you didnt do the 'Work Distribution' part for the assignment, remember to do ark..."

"Thanks. Finish studying ?"

"No, lazy...feels like sleeping when look at the lecture slides..."

"Lazy !? Remember go study transport system and draw the diagram of Golgi Apparatus *and some other stuffs which I forgotten*..."

"Oh ya...almost forgot about it, thanks..."

Peeped on the lecture slides for a few minutes, then I officially called it a day around 2.30am and went to deep sleep, even though I know there's still Cell Biology mid term 2 tomorrow. Zzz

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