Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cloth Hunting Around Ipoh

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Its always been nice to go around Ipoh with the taxi and bus services available there. Even if its your first time getting yourself on the bus, there's always be someone who will guide you to your destination. Whether it is the bus driver, a passenger, the bus ticket seller or the shopping mall security guard... when you asked for a direction, they'll show you the path.

Its a sunny day yesterday morning after the midnight rain, me and "My" Chelle and Sensei went to Jusco at Ipoh to fulfill our mission: buy ourselves a white formal shirt with black pants/skirt.

After some hours of walking around Jusco, it seems that the available choices wasnt that much and we couldnt find any suitable clothes. With a quick decision, we changed our destination to Ipoh Parade and found ourself with tons of formal wears, pants, dresses and skirts.

"Its easy for Spiky to buy his clothes, just bring him to Ipoh Parade !" Sensei shouted.

Within an hour, I've already got myself a almost-formal shirt with a vest in Converse and a black tie somewhere else. In case you dont know, Converse is now having promotion: 1 item 20% discount, 2 items 30% discount, 3 items 40% discount. So its cheap to buy yourself something there !!!

#Taking this in my room. Sorry for the bad lightning, the whole picture looks dark.#

#Facing the light source now with a close up ! Tell you what, I can be a good looking bartender/waiter if i button up the vest. XD#

Passing by SubZero for the third time (1 in Jusco, 2 in Ipoh Parade), and everytime we went inside, we end up walking out with empty hands. They're having promotions too: with every purchace of Rm100 and above in a single reciept, you're given a Rm20 rebate.

While I got my mission accomplished, the girls got a tougher mission to be done: buy their clothes and racing with time. They did found something nice, but it wasnt suitable for our purpose, hence we walked from shop to shop in a very fast pace.

The girls end up getting nothing and we wnet back to Kampar. Lucky us, its pasar malam (night market in english) ! Had Asam Laksa as our dinner there and went back home with a taxi.

"Hey Spiky..."

"What ?" looking at the clothes while Sensei called in Jusco's SubZero.

"Look at the tauke, she looks like Full Metal Alchemist's sifu leh..."

Look closely at the tauke... "Ya hor !!!"

Luckily the tauke didnt notice we're talking about her since she's so busy looking at the clothes that the 3 of us tried in the fitting room... it looks like a mountain of clothes worth Rm130+ each !!! Lol~

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