Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alejandro - Lady GaGa

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What you're waiting for is now here, the latest Lady GaGa's music video Alejandro !!! Please load this video and carry on if you got a slow connection speed just like me.

Lady GaGa did it once again, a weird and ... weird video !

Well, few points to note here:
1. Weird costume seems to be very obvious here. From her swimming glasses, half of the machine guns on the chest to the quite albino make up makes her unique. Oh, did you just spotted her Jedi look ? The white robe with red markings and a hood... lol

2. Sexy moves from Lady GaGa herself and the dancers ! The bed scene was scary, their body was so flexible as if they got no bones in them. And talking about the dancers, their hair style and costume was quite weird too...

3. The whole MV wasnt that bad, but I do prefer Bad Romance and Telephone more. The colour used in the MV are mostly black, white and gray, which creates a dark and mysterious feeling for the song.

Nothing much to say now, just enjoy the video. ^^


suhaisweet said...

nice3 n3..visit mine if free k ;D

keLiCious said...

**foot print**
OMG.. Lady gaga is so creepy!!
Click ur adv and nanged..!
Thanks for visiting mine..!
Hope you drop by often!!
See ya..!

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