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Series Review: Dollhouse

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If you're asked about the dollhouse, the first thing that pops into your head might be little girls playing tea party with barbie dolls. But for the citizens of LA, its a different story. There's an organization that snatches people and make them do what they want them to do, and they become dolls...

#Dollhouse season 1 promotional poster.#

Welcome to Dollhouse, which is a huge facility that hires human to wealthy clients for all kind of purpose: from romantic relationship, a friend, a loving mother to skilled assassin, computer genius and professional negociator. The one in the LA is just one of the 20+ Dollhouses around the globe.

#Characters of Dollhouse, left to right: Paul Ballard, Active Victor, Active Echo, Active Sierra, Topher Brink, Adelle DeWitt and Boyd Langton.#

Dollhouse hires volunteer and sometimes offers people to become a "doll" or an Active in their facility and sent them for "missions" or Engagements to the clients. Each Active has their original personality wiped clean and stored in a hard disk, and impinted with new personality and skills that helps them to complete their Engagements. When the Actives had their memories wiped, they enter a tabula rasa state, or blank state and rest inside the Dollhouse during their non-Engagement time.

#Inside the Dollhouse with the imprinting room on the first floor.#

#The imprinting chair. Blue lights indicates the Active is being imprinted or wiped; purple light was shown when the Actives are assigned to their Handler, a person who'll take care of them.#

#Sleeping pods inside the Dollhouse for the Actives.#

Each Actives were contracted for 5 years and when it ends, the original personality will be imprinted back to their bodies and they'll found themselves with tons of cash in their bank.

And the story revolves around a volunteer Active codenamed Echo, who starts to develope self-awareness about the imprinting process and begins to remember trace memories of her own Engagements even though they're wiped clean. When FBI agent Paul Ballard was trying to search for the Dollhouse, he meets Echo and eventually vows to bring down Dollhouse after knowing his neighbour and going to be lover Mellie, was an Active to spy him.

Dollhouse lasted for 2 seasons and officially cancelled, with 27 episodes including 1 original pilot and 1 unaired episode "Epitaph One". Since this is a short Sci-fi series that actually ended due to cancellation, so it doesnt hurt to finish it up if you do like science and technology. The series starts off with "giving what people needs", and later on dealing with the rights of humanity to create a personality and imprint it into a body and the darker secret of the company that funded for the Dollhouse: Rossum Corporation.

With all the actions and heat in this series, I give it a 9 out of 10 for its awesome plot and the actress Eliza Dushku that protrays Echo. She's really good in her acting skills that she could be proffesional, deadly, sexy, loving, caring or even crazy and then enters the blank state in just a few seconds.

Gotta continue on with my season 2 now, hope you'll find this series interesting too. Ciao...

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loves fashiondiva X0X0 said...

ahh..ive watched the first season..then i got sad that is over now..=[

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