Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Movie Review: At The End of Daybreak (心魔)

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#Movie poster featuring Wai Ying Hung (惠英红) and Chui Tien You (徐天佑).#

Not sure whether you all heard about this movie or not, but there's one thing you got to know: this is a movie directed by our very own Malaysian director Ho Yuhang (何宇恆) and had won several awards including Asian Film Awards (Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actress), Golden Horse Awards (Best Supporting Actress) and Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards (Best Actress).

The whole movie was filmed in Malaysia and based on a true story.

In case you're wondering about the movie title, it has nothing to do with demons and supernatural beings. Here's a synopsis I got from IMDB:

"Tuck Chai (德仔, 徐天佑), a man in his 20s, meets Ying (盈, 黄明惠), a high school girl, through the internet. Their sexual relationship, however, is soon discovered by the under-aged girl's parents who threaten to press charges against the man. According to the law, sex with a minor constitutes rape. The man's mother (惠英红) negotiates with the girl's parents, however, and reaches a monetary settlement instead. Yet, after the mother has successfully raised the cash, the girl's parents still insist on suing him. The man, fearing an impending jail sentence, secretly asks the girl out to try to convince her. By this time, though, only fear, frustration, anger, hatred, and distrust exist between them. Matters begin to spiral down to a tragic denouement."

This isnt a movie gonna be liked by most people, as the way the movie was presented to the audience is quite different compared with other movies. The movie suddenly starts with scenes we dont know whats happening. As time goes by, you soon to realize whats been happening between the characters and their relationships.

#One of the scene where Tuck Chai's mother helping him to cut his hair. *Which reminds me that I just got mine cut too !*#

Points to note:
1. Accent of the Hong Kong actors are very alike with our typical Malaysian Chinese. They must have been done some homework or observed our daily Cantonese before filming this movie. Good work on saying "mata" in Cantonese, meaning police.

2. Mandarin conversation was quite of somethng too ! So damn funny seeing their conversation between friends was the same with my own conversation among my friends too. Very memorable line: Later come to my house download songs ?

3. Cigarettes !!! Why izzit almost everyone in the movie smokes !? 徐天佑 doesnt seems to be the guy who smokes, but he actually did smoke in the movie. So does his mother in the movie too...

4. PS2 !!! Funniest thing of all, its not either Tuck Chai or Ying playing it. Guess who ? Ying's farther, who's a school teacher too ! How can this actually happen !?

5. Bulge from 徐天佑 ? Watch the movie yourself and spot it.

The ending of this movie was quite weird, it ended just like that and leaves the audience to think what happens after the last scene in the movie.

In the end, ratings !!! 5 out of 10. The story was quite OK, just the way it presented the story was not the way I thought it would be. And the ending leaves me think of what actually happened to Tuck Chai...


v!vi@n said...

yea, i watched this movie too...kinda weird the ending...

SonnyKazu said...

wah... the woman cuts his hair damn have muscles.... :D

Syaoran2138 said...

She got those muscles from her kung fu fighting skills if she still got them now, coz she's acting many fighting movies in the old times. ^^ And she speaks a fluent mandarin in those movies too !!!

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