Sunday, June 27, 2010

When I Was a Boy ...

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I got a lot of pictures when I was a boy. My dad just loves to snap our pictures, put it in a frame and place it everywhere around the house...

During my recent semester break which was like, 5-6 weeks ago, I found some of the interesting pictures in the cupboard while I was searching for my stuffs. Seconds later, I found myself taking these pictures down with my own camera and wanted to share it out...

#Brothers and sisters, left to right: my younger brother, me and my younger sister.#

And this is my favorite piece.

#Me and a guitar... suddenly I felt I'm short !#

Of course, this was taken in a photo taking shop. And where did I got that guitar ? I'm not sure, but I bet it may belongs to the photo taking shop itself.

#Yeah, there's a date written on it. I bet it was my dad's handwritting, but I'm not certain of it. February 18th 1994 huh ? Which makes me 4 years old then...#

Besides, I also went to Gohtong Jaya to help out at the Strawberry Farm. The environment and the shops changed a little, and there's a Tom Yam restaurant in Kites City ! Standing there during working hours sure do makes me hungry. Haha~ The most important thing is, I got to meet my cousin again !

#Well, being inspired by the movie Iron Man and the game Megaman, I make this "armor" with my brother on him.#

#Oh, my cousin Juno sure does know how to pose huh ?#

#He seems to be delighted with his new toy !#

When we're going back Puchong, he was so sad until he wanted to follow us back down. Of course he'll be sad, since his playmates: my brother and sister were leaving. But thee's always a time to meet up again, so until next time, I'll take more pictures of my cousin again.

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