Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a Surprise !

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Just after we finished the lunch yesterday, we hurried up and went for the class which we've already 5 minutes late. Found a seat in the lecture hall few minutes later and while I was searching for my notes inside my bag, I saw a hand put something into mine and "My" Chelle's bag.

"Hey... ?" while talking it out, i said.

"DONT TAKE IT OUT !" Rannie said, and stuffed it back into my bag.

"Eh ? Is was you huh ?" was shown on my face and I looked carefully of that plastic container inside the bag, it contain 3 pieces of sushi. Its a very simple handmade sushi: seaweed, japanese rice, cucumber, tuna spread and a crab stick. I said a thanks and we paid our attention back to the boring class with all the enzymes and proteins and bondings and molecules...

I kept it inside the fridge after I got back and just took it out after my dinner. And here's the picture of it.

#Handmade sushi by Rannie-chan. Seducing huh ?#

Since its handmade, I didnt expect much from this sushi. As long as I can stuff it inside my mouth without voimitting then it'll earn a thumbs up from me. And sure this sushi does earn it, the cucumber was still crunchy and tasted fresh.

Lastly, thanks to Rannie-chan again for this sushi. I wonder what could I do to repay this and last semester's popiah...

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