Tuesday, June 22, 2010

优乐 Chinese Orchestra Night 2010

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After all the hard work and practice with my Chinese Orchestra friends, our very first concert was held in Block A's heritage hall yesterday ! A million thanks to all the committee members and helpers and performers that make this concert a success. I would like to give a special thanks to all the players who played all the unforgettable songs too.

#Early morning of the concert day outside Heritage Hall...#

Its been days that we're all waking up early for class and sleeping late for the practice. All these hard work was worth when I finished playing my part in the concert, I heard all the claps from the audience.

#Posing at the backstage a day before the concert with our Katana.#

Its been months that the committee prepared for the concert, from paperwork to proposal and lastly organized a camp for us to practice the songs for the concert. For us, everything seems like just a performance; but for the committees, its a battle for survival and future planning for our club.

And then yesterday, all of us were finally on stage performing for the audience and VIPs... I felt touched for every single song that the seniors played, and I'm glad that I'm able to perform some songs too.

#Di Zi solo. Credit to Hermin for the picture.#

#Taking photo with our Di Zi teacher after the concert. A little surprise to found him here actually.#

This is a night that I'll never gonna forget, and all the times that we've been through during practice too...

#Taking photo with our Chinese Orchestra Chairman in the preparation room.#

Honestly, I'm deeply falling in love with Chinese Orchestra now. I just cant stop myself from singing the songs that the seniors played ... a phenomenon which I called it: music poisoning. Lol...

Sorry that I couldnt get any videos uploaded here since I'm having lousy connection. But please do visit my Facebook profile for some of the videos I've uploaded there and lots of pictures behind the concerts. To get to my Facebook profile, click here; please do visit our Chinese Orchestra Facebook group for more pictures by clicking here too !
I guess its time to get myself back on track and go on with the studies again huh...

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