Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh My Shit !!!

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For heaven's sake, cant I just stop having this damn diarrhea that I got since yesterday morning !? Do you know how worse is the situation where:

- your stomach suddenly aches
- you ran into the toilet, reaching for the toilet bowl
- you hold your aches
- you hope that after a huge secretion, you'll be fine
- flushed away the poop, feeling relieved
- rushed back to the toilet bowl 5 minutes later
- repeats...
- rushed back to the toilet bowl few hours later
- and repeats...
- searching for any meds that you can find in your room
- swallowed some and other suppliments hoping it might help
- moaning on the bed
- finally gets some sleep
- woke up by shock and rushed for the toilet bowl again in the morning

Well... to obtain more information on this damn diarrhea, I Wiki-ed it and found something interesting to be shared with. Please refer to the picture I got below:

#The Bristol Stool Chart... stool here stands for poop, or the more common word: shit.#

To decode the meaning of each types of poop:
Type 1 and 2: Constipation.
Type 3 and 4: The "ideal stool"
Type 5 to 7: Diarrhea

Since I've been having mostly type 5 and 6... so I'm categorizing myself having diarrhea. And thank goodness that my poops doesnt contain any blood, coz if it does, then I'm having dysentery, indicating that there's an invasion on my bowel tissue.

After few rounds of rushing for the toilet bowl, finally I managed to finish this damn post. Ugh... I hope the next round will not be coming again.

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