Sunday, May 8, 2011

Biochemistry and Cell Metabolism: The Army of Apocalypse

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The final paper of the semester is gonna cause Apocalypse ... well, at least for me. 

The lecturer teaches this subject in a very fast pace, with an average speed of 2-3 minutes/lecture slide. I wonder why the other students still can score well and claims that he's "cute", as he looks "innocently cruel" when he smiles

Doesnt matter if he teaches in a fast pace, as long as the lecture notes are in order ... wait a second, they're not in order !!! There's no chapters indicated on the lecture slides, and he jumps from this set of slides to the other... his lecture slides are so damn confusing !!! 

OK... at least I got time to arrange it back by referring to WBLE... hell yeah I did, after half an hour. Zzzzzzz

With tons of metabolisms and chemical reactions and processes, I'm stuck where I doesnt even know where to start my last minute revision.

Apocalypse is coming... and when its over, a new world will be born. Until that day come towards me, I must revise. 

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Jong said...

Good luck and all the best to you.

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