Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Canned Day

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Finals is over... you might think "Lets go and have some fun in the sun !!!" But since the weather these few days are super duper hot, I guess the best thing to do is staying indoor with the fan switched on facing yourselves.

The night of our final paper is not gonna be the same after being pressured by the hot weather. I hanged out with my friends in Tesco hoping to buy ourselves some ingredients for sushi making, but ended up looking for canned food as dinner. Canned food ? Whats wrong with it, the food is canned, but it doesnt means that its not delicious !

And so lastly, we changed our sushi-making plan into a canned-food-festival.

We tried noodle-cooking. 
We tried rice-cooking.
We tried spaghetti with sauce. 
We even tried cooking tong sui desserts...

But canned food !? This is something new.

We bought total of 7-8 varieties of canned food from different brands, ranging from vegetables, meats, beans, fishes, spices and sweets. Back home, we cooked our own white rice and after heating some of the large-sized canned food, we begin our canned food festival.

At the first glance, we thought we bought too little canned food as dinner. But in the end, it turns up that the things that we bought is more than enough, and we're all bloated up.

The funny thing is, we left one unopened canned food. Well, this means that we'll still gonna be having another cooking festival again ... next semester I guess !!!

Happy holiday pals. Miss you all.

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