Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Down ... THREE More to Go !!!

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I think I just got a critical hit from the first paper of my semester's final exam. So what ? It doesnt matter, as long as I've tried my best to answer all of them, then I'll got no regrets. "At least I've tried my best"... thats what I've been thinking ever since.

The funny thing about me in the examination hall is that: when I read through the questions, I can literally "see" the answers that was printed on the lecture slides. I can remember which slide contains the answers, but sometimes its blurred out.

"Zzzzzz" was my first thought;
"Why didnt I paid more attention on that slide back then ?" was my second thought.
"Fine, I'll come back later," was my last thought.

When I really got back on to the same question again, I'll just stare at it and starts daydreaming. You might think its funny but sometimes I do get some ideas on what to write after all !!! LOL~

Well... the first paper wasnt that bad as I thought earlier, since I can crap whatever that I remembers on it. But still, I hope my craps are correct enough to get some marks.

Oh yeah... a terrific incident happened to our beloved Kampar the day before my first paper. Hell yeah, Kampar is flooded in a few hour's heavy rain + lightning !!! The heaviness of the rain even can cover the sound of my DiZi, and since I'm in a middle of the frustration and laziness on revision, I picked up my DiZi and played a song about the great Yellow River of China, 《黄水谣》.

#My window was crafted with "Westlake Flood" by my housemate.#

My CO housemate then join the play in my room. When she looked outside through my window, she asked me to see whats happening: Westlake flooded. And in just a few moments, the flood turns to yellow colour, like this:

#Picture might be blur. Since its still raining, I took this through the window glass. But whats clear is that the water is YELLOW.#

And guess what, after the rain stops, in just few minutes time, the flood just went "poof" and disappeared to nowhere.

#Traces of yellow sand found on the road after the flood disappeared.#

Oh well, done updating my blog. Its time to revise MICROBIOLOGY. Ciao~


Anonymous said...

keep up ur good work. Ganbateh.

I will always be with you. >w<

Jong said...

Hahahaha....Yellow river of china huh~~~

then really got one river outside...hahahahaha

not bad not bad... i never knew this song was this powerful...Hahahahaha

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