Monday, May 30, 2011


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I almost cried every fore-night,
Thinking of how am I gonna survive in this semester.
With no more Financial support,
Life seems to me is like ...
Hopeless, Sadness, and Grayish.

There's nothing I can do other than blaming myself,
For making such a mess for myself and my family.
The worst ever Nightmare is here,
And there's nothing much I can do to save myself.

Being in a Divorced family isnt easy,
Especially receiving less Care and Love,
And having a father that doesnt have a fixed income.
I cant just ask for Anything I wanted,
Because I knew that They should be used in other ways,
That keeps our Stomach full, and Healthy...
Things that are more necessary.

I do not wish that all of my Friends understand this,
But I do hope that for those who did,
Here by I'm saying Thanks if you're helping me,
Getting through my Problems.

Once I thought of Leaving,
But this isnt the best way to solve everything,
Though it do lessen the Burden.
The mind tells me this is wrong to do,
And so, I became a little Tough...

Country Road,
Take me Home,
To the Place,
I belong...

I need It,
And it means that I need to Work to get It.
Saw Vacancies throughout the shops,
I wonder which of Them is better,
That suits me more...
CC ? Restaurants ? Shops ?

CC doesnt sounds bad, 
I can work Overnight on some days.
Restaurant is even better, 
I can have Free meals if they're providing it.
Shops have a fixed working hour,
Dont think it suits me.

Live a day through a day.
Thats all that I can do...
For now.

All of my sorrow and pain,
I'll cry in the rain,
So no one else will notice...


Jong said...

Don't worry. We got your back. If you need any help just don't hesitates to seek help from us but one thing for sure, you'll need to double your effort from now onward.

Is ain't that bad actually, look on the brighter side, you wouldn't need to pay extra interest for PTPTN and you actually have more time to spare. Income from your part time job should be able to cover your living expenses.

Just use your time wisely and ensure it'll bring you benefits. 3 subjects is about Rm3500, since lab is much more expensive. You can consider dropping that out and take other cheaper subject for this semester first.

All the best.

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

i duno how to advice strong!! God Bless

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