Saturday, March 14, 2009

Playing with Drama and HTML...

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Oh, how about the management studies if you're asking ? I dont care about it. Since the people who're doing it are very expert and professional, they do not need me as I'm not as knowledgeable as them. And I would like to concern more about my Web Page and Drama more just because of some facts...

Eh...cant say it here, though I really wanna tell you lot...expressing the thoughts inside my head ! (Eh hem) Sorry for my "lost of control" words...

Anyway, I'm able to blogging online because I'm in the McD of Digital Mall. Kinda feeling excited since its the first time I've been onlining in McD. This place is far more better than Starbucks with expensive coffee, and that Upekka with awfully prepared food...oh, did I just said that out !?

Trying to get more information about the HTML while I can online in McD here. But it seems like I didnt really doing so. Updating my computer, software and antivirus...and chatting in MSN, checking mails, reading manga, watching Heroes !

Oh yea, I just finished watching xxxHOLiC Shumunki ! The animation was superb and I was surprised that a small arc in the manga was included in the OVA. lovely. But, will the part 2 of the OVA be telling something about Syaoran and Watanuki ? Interesting...

Haiz...why is this life must be full of miserable stuffs !? Sometimes I do think that whatever SL said in his blog were kinda correct to me as well. Oh no...raining already !? How am I gonna go back home ? Should I stay at McD till rain stops !?

A nonsense blog for today...?


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