Thursday, March 19, 2009

How Could This Happen to Me !? [Offline Blog for 18/3]

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And I cant stand the pain, and I cant make it go away. And I cant stand the pain...

Everybody's screaming, I try to make a sound but no one hears me.
I'm slipping off the edge, I'm hanging by a thread, I wanna start this over again.

So I try to hope, on to the time when nothing matters.
And I cant explain what happened.
And I cant raise the things that I've done. No I cant...

How could this happen to me ? I made my mistakes, got no where to run.
The night goes on, its unfading away.
I'm sick of this life, I just want to could this happen to me !

Just some of the lyrics from Simple Plan's Untitled, aka How Could This Happen To Me. Well, it doesnt seems to be expressing most of the feelings inside me. I think I just need to write it out then.

1. How come ? An ugly poster for the 1st runner up !?

That stupid, ugly and nonsense poster hangs beside my knowledgeable, informational and beautiful poster (that I finished it off in a day, more accurately, an evening !). Hey, that guy got many votes just because of he got lots of friends voting for him (voluntary ?) ! Without his friends, mine, SL's or even Yen Yee's could replace him and be the 1st runner up ! I'm serious about this !

Allow me to describe the poster titled "Chemistry Network" Your Ugliness to you all in a few words.

A plain poster with Einstein, Periodic Table blocks and atoms.

Coloured using colour pencil and water colour. When looked closely, it was coloured in a very dreadful way. Colour doesnt match nicely and you actually will be laughing when looking at it. There's a person looks like Einstein, and he was coloured in a very blur way. Imagine Einstein's face, then imagine you're looking it in a mist, thats the way it looks in the poster.

Weird colour combination for the whole poster, from sharp green to the purple that could make you faint. Hey, I could do the colouring better than you do !

After the prize giving ceremony, I went back with SL and I...I mean WE start complaining about "Chemistry Network" Your Ugliness ! I shouted out loud in the car park lot at Jaya One and I dont care how do people look at me, if I didnt shouted it out loud I couldnt imagine what will I do next since my EQ is kinda low, I admit it.

2. Couldnt say who is this, but for those who're clever enough to guess, you might know who it is !

Haiz, being same group with it (I use "it" so that the gender of this person will be hidden, makes it harder to guess) seems to be very restless. Seems like I'm the one who're doing all the stuffs. Though the same words "Please dont take everything with you, share your burden with others" vibrates twice in my ears (one from anime movie Bleach, another from Freezie), but I'll never understand ! I just cant rely on them, not even it ! I cant rune my CGPA just because of it !

One word, SLOW. Very SLOW indeed. I'm a little used to be in a faster pace, well, depends on situation of course ! When doing stuffs, I hope that there's a conclusion, at least a small conclusion of what just been discussed, so that I can get the general idea of whats been happening that far. But life seems to be in a very slow pace with it, just like Hiro Nakamura slowed the time from moving in a normal speed.

Even SL complained a lot of times with me about it (I'm not complaining that you complaining stuffs with me !). So does some other people as well. Cant mention all, coz after that you lot will be able to guess who's it already !

YCW, you're right, I really should teem up with those who're really good in doing team works, so that those weaklings will be leaved behind as a group...kinda like natural selection. Just that those people doesnt like to be together as a team, and they will be making weird faces around. And thats why we're using the "pick a draw" rule to divide teams. Haiz !

Haiz...thinking of going Freezie's house to post this pulak, but then ... Fine, I think I can hold it till tomorrow morning, since I'm having class quite late, I can go online in the morning.

Who will understand !? SL perhaps...and others ? Depends ... anyway, thanks to Hermin for your feedback about my Maple friend Lyn, thanks for your concern. I hope that Lyn will appreciate it and be strong !

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