Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Results ! [Offline Blog for 26/2]

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Semester 3 gonna start in just few days time, and I'm feeling a little excited, and nervous. Yesterday Scott helped me to check my final results, and sent it to me through SMS. Well, at first I'm kinda excited that I got 2 A- and 2 B+, but suddenly popped up 2 D...didnt really expect myself to get a D, I thought I'll be geting some C instead.

Lucky that both the A- and B+ helped me to pull up the CGPA, if not I'll be dead meat already ! So now I'm thinking, if I wanna get a 3 pointer CGPA for my foundation, what grade should I be getting to achieve that !? Izzit a minimum B- for each subject in my semester 3, or a 4 flat !? I remember there's a day in semester 1 where Ms Evil Laugh taught us how to calculate our CGPA and GPA. This add this then divide that ... something like that, but I just cant make sure that I'm counting the right thing.

And so, overall, I got some improvement in my Biology, which is my major for degree. Kinda excited and feeling happy about it. And I'm proud of my Writing For Science for getting an A-. At least the essay that I wrote (I already forget what title it is) was worth it ! What a joy !!! Next stop Programming, with all the sweat and tears and might, the coding was accepted and comes with an A- ! Not forgetting to mention Public Speaking, with my superb notez, I got a B-.

The subject that always getting the same grade and marks since Form 4 was Chemistry and Additional Mathematics, which becomes our Mathematics now. I thought of a C for each of the subject, but sadly I didnt (work hard enough to ?) get it...well...a D is better than having a F already !

Anyway, something been running in m mind since this morning...should I be doing my revision at the beginning of my semester 3 so that at least I remember it well to score my finals !? Or, I should be doing the same thing as I done in my semester 1 and 2 ... !?

Oh well...gotta be strong for whats to come ! (Part of this sentence was taken from Heroes Season 3 Volume 3, Angela Petrelli)

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