Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coincidence ot Hitsuzen ? [Offline Blog for 17/3]

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Feeling very lazy to offline blogging coz I'm busying to write the script for my group. If I didnt met someone today, I dont think I'll want to write a post for my blog.

Anyway, if you remember that chinese post of mine, I did said that sometimes I met my standard 6 classmate during my walk back from school. Well, she's the one I met today ! I think that we're kinda like funny since we're meeting each other once in a couple of years, and yet we still can chat !

Met her at News Junction, that lousy grocery shop that dunno how to stapler your printed notes properly; that stupid shop which I've been scolding everytime I found its weakness; that only shop that I refused to go in; but yet I'm still walking in to buy stuffs. Printing the script out so that Mr Able will be able to check it for us.

I'm standing there, lining up to wait for my turn, then I saw a familiar face. She looked at me, and I looked at her. Its quite sometime after I realized who am I seeing in front of me, my standard 6 classmate ! "I'm in Degree now, year 1 semester 1..." she said.

She’s still looks tall, although I’ve become taller all these years. She’s still looks thin, but she had a pony tail behind her. Still wearing the same oval shaped glasses ? I didn’t really focus on that so I cant say anything. Haha…

So, she went for the January intake last year...if I'm not mistaken, she said that she's doing something with graphic. Nice course, I thought myself, since I'm kinda good in drawing too...We used to be forgotten each other's name everytime we meet, but I hope this time I'll be remembering her name now on...

"How come I dunno you're in UTAR ?"

"I dunno you're in UTAR also're Foundation in Science ?"

"Yea, going Kampar next sem."

"Then we cannot meet again !"

"Yaya...You stay at PJ ? Section 17 ?"


"How come I never seen you before ?"

"Section 17 is a very big place you know !? Haha..."

"Which road ? I'm in 17/6..."

"17/4 ! Just a road distance !"

"Exchange numbers !"

After that is my turn to use the computer (finally...zzz), and her turn to photostat her graphic thingy stuffs. Once I finished my printing, she said she's in a hurry and rushed off the shop. Everytime we saw each other, we only chatted for around 5-10 minutes. The longest chat that I remember will be during secondary school time, when we both met each other while walking back after school.

Ah...all those wonderful memory flows back in my bloodstream, all the happiness that our class 6C been through (though we're the second last class, but our grades are not that bad as you think alright ?)...and the year end trip to Singapore (I remember I had a wresting fight in the hotel with my 3 other classmates !)...oh my classmates, I miss you all so much !


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