Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SMS-ing for the Whole Day [Offline Blog for 17/2]

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There it goes, the (long-waited ?) offline blog series are back again ! Well, most of it is due to the unavailability of me to go blogging online…anyway, dont think about that at the moment, thinking about it makes me a little sad, coz I cant meet Lyn and everyone ! (Sob)


Yesterday, I just had a very nice chat (through SMS) with one of my FRIENDS. Her name will be hidden as for some of the private stuffs that we both shared through the whole day (if you're clever enough, "her" is actually a tips for you to guess who's that person already).

I shared some of my so known "grown-up" experience to her, and hoping to get some suggestions so that I can deal with it when the time comes. She asked me a lot of stuffs to understand my situation better and later on she actually shared some of her top secrets with me ! Unbelievable true ! So, I know that you’ll be having one too. She chatted strangely after she shares her secrets. For all the time I known her, I never seen her with such a strange emotion before...

"...we all grow up already lar, if we talk about THAT then we grow up lor..." she said, well, wrote in the SMS.

"...both of our situation kinda same, haiz..." she said after she got all the answers she wanted to know from me.

Then, she gave me a very simple solution to my problem. Dont expect the solution and the problems will be written here, since its kinda privacy for me, hehe~~ Thanks for your suggestion ! I hope it'll help me to go through my problem.


The (kinda) long-waited semester break is here, and there's nothing I can do to speed up the time. No games, no online, less TV shows, no Heroes and Tsubasa...the break will be as boring as last time, again (and again)...

Oh "My" Chelle, I wish I could take Inkspell from you too, coz I finished Inkheart too fast ! I hate myself for doing so. As for the rest, I miss ya lot very much ! (>”<)


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