Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Something [Offline Blog for 20/2]

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Something in the newspaper caught my eyes today...a picture of a cat, very cute and furry. The cat was sitting on a grassy land with its big blue eyes starring at nothing. It looks more like a kitten than a grown up cat.

Coz of the picture, I saw a title beside it, "三脚猫", means "three legged cat" in chinese. Well, the cat in the picture isnt three legged, so I went on reading the article written and sent by the reader to be published. First I thought the story would be about kung fu, since there's a phrase in chinese that sounds "三脚猫功夫", which means "cheap kung fu"...but the story sounds like this...

The author was walking down the street one day, and he (I think its a "he" and normally we use to call unknown person "he" before knowing their gender, right ?) saw a cat walking slowly. He noticed that the cat's hind leg was injured, he wonder izzit a car accident or the cruel cat-hater that injured the cat. The cat looks hungry and nobody wanna take a look at it.

The author thinks that the cat was brave in facing its fate, not thinking of commiting suicide but choose to continue on with its life, even three legged. The author rushed to the nearest grocery store and bought a bread to feed the poor cat. The cat happily came to the author and finished the bits that the author put on the floor, looks like the cat has been a few days havent eat anything.

And so, bits by bits, the author finished feeding the cat with the bread. The cat purred and look into the author's eye with satisfaction. The author can see that the cat's eye was sparkling with loneliness. But the author also thinks that the cat was proud to be a three legged cat. There's nothing the author can do for the cat but to feed it, he felt sorry for the cat.

Well, I can see that the author is a very good writer. I wish that I could write something like that to impress or inspire the readers. Anyway, if you ever wanna read the article, you can search from 20th February's China Press. Its in Chinese though...haha

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