Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 Down, 3 More to Go !

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Yeah, 2 of the final's subject are down, which means 3 more to go until my holiday ! *claps and cheers*

(Eh hem...)

Anyway, its been a while its been quite some days to be exact, that I didnt blog. Nothing much pretty to blog about, since finals is here and what everybody have in their mind set as study, study, study, study ... *endlessly study* but that doesnt apply to me.

I'm still online-ing, searhcing for latest chapter of the manga I'm following, watching online streaming Full Metal Alchemist, Facebook-ing and playing NDS game ... even though there's an exam on tomorrow ! I tried to force myself not to click on the NDS game icon on the computer desktop, but still I clicked on it after several hours of holding on myself.

To avoid this, I actually thought of a way and went to Jest's house so that I could study for my Pengajian Malaysia. Well, at least I managed to study something and answer a few questions confidently today. Haha~

I found that the thing I need to push me to study are friends. I cant study alone, unless my laptop was being taken away, I need an eye watching me, stressing me, or perhaps studying with me, asking me questions that I need to find the answers ... The best thing I found is listening to other people's discussions on the questions and answers and interupt them by asking what you dont understand.

Computer Study, more precisely, Computer System and Application is tomorrow's exam. Its been like annoying to study back the same thing again and went through the examination again.

I think I better get going to study now and sleep early, I cant rely on "My" Chelle's morning-miss-calls all the time as the exam is in the morning ! So to my dearly beloved arlam clock, PLEASE DO MAKE SOME NOISE AND WAKE ME UP ! Arr~~

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