Sunday, September 20, 2009

(Real) Last Post of the Semester !

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Oh ! So basically yesterday's post wasnt the LAST post of the semester at all ! *Glad* So I'm now writing something more likely to be the "last post of the semester" thingy and now lets refresh of what we, or more accurately, me myself... had done during this semester...

#The first day ever entered UTAR Kampar and having my first class on the first day of my first semester and... this is my first picture taken for the semester as well ! (Too many "FIRST" I guess... ?)#

#Lecture hall in DDK1. Its huge, and it looks like a small cinema, excluding the terrible projector and sometimes the sound system...#

#Arr...boring chemistry lab. While in chemistry, "My" Chelle and Sensei would be very active; when it comes to biology lab, its my turn to be active. It just occured like that...funny huh ?#

#Posing inside of Block A with Jest. Dont know why, we just posed there and *snap* ... a picture is taken.#

#Ah... the so known "Harry Potter toilet bowls" are found in Kampar ! Am I making you boys curious about it ? (Hey, no peeking at your side would ya !? Zzz...)#

#Something nice is inside this modified "Tesco tissue box" ... is an eclipse ! Its not a total eclipse but me and Sensei managed to see the partial eclipse with it !#

#Erm...censored picture posted ? OMG ! Scotty looked so shock...#

#Birthday celebration in Henry's house. Where's the birthday boy and girl went in this picture !?#

#Thanks to Llyen and Tweety-chan for bringing in the birthday cakes of mine and Freezie's. Everyone was so satisfied with the "peppermint cake" !#

#First day of study week, Tweety-chan went to UTAR just to take a picture with this 988 car.#

#Oh...thats me ! Haha~ Basically I'm there because of the same reason too...#

#After taking pictures with the 988 car which actually coming to UTAR for the what-sort-ever "Homecoming" thingy, we went to Tesco and *woot* ... Scotty becomes a santa !?#

Time for SS pictures ! Haha~

Rannie took me along for a hair cut in a rainny day ! Though our legs were wet with sands as we're walking (we cant cycle in the rain, we'll be chicken soup in any minute !)... but it was worth it, and we got a nice hair cut ! I'm not sure how it looks, but since Jest, Sensei and Rannie said it looks nice ... it should be nice, right ?

#Right after the hair cut.#

#Quite to be "spiky" huh ? Thanks to the barber lady who sprinkled some of those what-sort powder on my hair for testing. It works as those wax we usually use...#

#... Strange enough, those little amount of powder do shape up your hair ! Its not sticky, not oily, it just so normal !#

#Just SS-ing around. And so... thats all for this time, see you all next semester, which starts on 19th of October ! WOW...almost a month of holiday huh ? Hehe~#

Before I forget...for those who're still having their exams, please do DO your revision and good luck in your exams !


kuan ru said...

Wow, Kampar lecture hall is way much beautiful than the ones at PJ. U'll faint if to compare both of them. :)

kenwooi said...

really lots of pictures of yourself.. =P

TT said...

= = nice starter

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