Monday, September 7, 2009

What a Hot Day~~

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#"Cloudy" Lemonade#

Yeah, the time is once again reached the resting pace, where all the UTARians are having their own study week, preparing for their upcoming final exams. What about me ? Well, still not into the mood of studying and revisioning though my first exam falls on the coming Saturday, having Cell Biology as the kick start.

Its really hot in Kampar here, I felt like I'm inside an oven everytime I think about it. I went to Tesco last Saturday with Tweety-chan and Scotty to restock foods and stuffs. I bought quite some lemons, which I dont know what I wanna do with it actually, since I only wanted to have something "iced-cold, sweet and sour" thing to drink with. Then something pops out of my mind ... lemonade.

But the problem is, I do not know how to make myself a lemonade, although I have some ideas: mixing water and lemon juice. But wait, I thought lemonade tasted a little sweet too ? After some thoughts, I searched You Tube for the recipe and found it. As the average Malaysians doesnt really made themselves lemonade at home and since we rarely drink such a thing too, so for the very first time in my blog, I'm teaching all of you how to make your own lemonade to refresh your day !

First, gather the ingredients: A few fresh lemons, sugar (any kind will do, as long as it taste sweet) and water.

#Looks like those commercials in TV right ? Haha~ I used 3 fresh lemons...#

1. First thing to do is wash your hands and the lemons ! You never know what you touched before this and what's on the skin of the lemon before you bought it, so wash it clean before you cut it into halves.

#Squeezed lemons.#

2. Using your hands or preferably those "orange juice maker" tool, squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl or cup. Make sure you use a filter to filter out the seeds of the lemons ! You dont want to drink the seeds together right ?

#Use a filter like this to filter out the seeds.#

#Ta-da ! The juice of 3 lemons I used. Quite a lot too, though the lemon I used are not very big in size...#

3. Then dissolve equal amount of water and sugar to make the solution known as the "simple syrup" known by the Americans. Use hot or warm water to dissolve it or you can even heat it just like I did on a pot.

#I'm using 冰糖 (bing tang) right here, which is a kind of sugar we well. Since its so huge in size and hard, I need to heat it to dissolve it.#

4. After you dissolved the sugar and successfully made yourself a "simple syrup", its time to mix the lemon juice and the syrup together. Then add in water and mixed the whole thing using a spoon. Now taste the lemonade, if its too sour, you can add in more of the syrup or water. The taste is now depends on your own choice.


You also could put some lemon slices in it too !

#I poured the syrup into the jug and added water. The colour looks nice and it tasted just fine for me. Not too sour but sweet.#

5. Now the final thing to do is, serve with ice cubes ! Or if you're going to serve it to your guest later on, you could put it into the fridge first before they arrive, it taste real good in chill too ! Hey, doesnt it a very nice drink to be served with your lunch and dinner as well ?

Ans thats it ! What a nice drink for the hot day like this, you really should make yourself one if you're thinking of it now as it is simple and easy ! Please comment if you like it.

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hui min said...

my mum pickled the lemon for a few days, then she add with honey and it tastes so nice! haha that's just another way of making it~

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