Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Block G in UTAR

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"What a nice environment to sit for exam innit ?" was my first thought when I reached block G, which is still new in the UTAR Kampar campus yesterday.

So today morning, thanks to SX for her although-late-but-its-better-than-nothing morning call, I woke up and rushed myself to sit for the 9am exam. I felt calm, though I'm not prepared for it ! How could such a person exists huh ? Haha~

I remember Jest told me yesterday that block G is cold, VERY COLD indeed. Since I'm not used to cold, I thought wearing long sleve with a jacket might help, but the truth is: it did help ... a little at least. And so I reached block G, parked my bike and started turn on my bionic eyes to search for my friends. Search results: none, so I found myself a nice place and started to do my rivision.

Suddenly a cold breeze blew on me. My first reaction was "What the heck, I thought inside block G is cold, I never thought that I could feel the cold outside too !".

Later on "My" Chelle reached and we went into block G and I was surprised, block G is huge and tall ! We placed our bags on the ground floor as told and we went upstairs to our examination room, well ... after I reached the first floor I was shocked, as I thought I would be able to see "rooms" or "halls". Instead, I saw nothing but chairs and tables arranged everywhere, seems like there's no room in block G !!!

Found my seat on second floor and thank goodness Rannie, Sensei and Bond found their way in too, and the exam starts. Computer Studies ? Totally sucks, I never thought the question would be that strange, and I blame myself for not study hard enough for something quite easy.

I looked around the second floor, other than it was filled with chairs and tables, it was quite empty. It doesnt looked like its going to be an office building as no brick walls, instead its all glass windows at the side... Then something pops up in my mind - library. Library is filled with book racks, so this empty space could be used for that purpose ! Lights from the window ... so the books would not get moistured and spoiled ? Mmm...

I think back again, this block G could be 3 or 4 story high, so if this whole building is going to be a library, UTAR will be having lots and lots and LOTS of books ! So looking forward into this. Haha~

Having Baisc Profissional Writing subject tomorrow at 9am again. I guess its time to have a small nap first.

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