Thursday, September 3, 2009

Course Registration

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Its already midnight, and I'm still here blogging. Its been well...a couple of days that I didnt blog already. Reason ? Lazy and, perhaps Pui Yeng is right, there's something called "blogger's block".

Anyway, UTAR has been changing a lot since my Foundation semester 2. From this to that, then from that to just keep on changing and introducing new stuffs into it, making it better and sometimes, worse than before. And the latest creation from UTAR is, course registration.

"Register your own subject of interest for your next semester and choose your own timetable."

Sounds interesting innit ? But, the problem is, you're not longer been tied in a class, preferably the term "tutorial group", with your friends again ! The worst is that, too many elective subjects to choose from, and too many time slot for each of the subjects, the possibility of you and your friends getting the same class in same time is quite small. Being separated also means when you're doing assignments, you're going to be alone in a middle of a sea with strangers you do not know, which is the worst ever thing you could imagine while you're studying.

On the other hand, choosing the class also makes you wonder what time suits you best. All morning class or all afternoon ? And one more thing, by choosing which time slots for your chosen subjects, it determines which day you would need to go for lectures and tutoruials ! If you're lucky, you might get a bonus as there's no class on Friday or any other days ! Yay !

And so, my course registration starts on 12.01am of 3rd September sharp and with the guidelines and courses available for me to choose from, I started to "fight for the place" for the class I wanted to be in. MSN-ed "My" Chelle and Rannie just to inform them about this, as I wanted to be at least in same class doing assignments with them, but what I get is no reply.

Its already 12.20am and I started to panic, since most of the subjects available were taken while I'm waiting for their reply and the available time slots for it clash with my other subjects chosen. Around 12.30am+ I received message from "My" Chelle in MSN saying that she's gaming and forgot about the time. As requested, I logged in her account and started to register for her. I was like, "OMG, why is all the subjects taken ? How am I gonna register for her !?"

While registering, I also received Rannie's message in MSN.

He said he was sleeping while his whole housemates were registering themselves, and the most frustrated thing is that, they're not waking him up to inform about it. Lots of words came out from his typing and he said he only registered himself for 3 subjects. So as "My" Chelle and Kalai, due to the unavailability of the place for the subjects as they're all taken before they do have a chance on it.

I dont know I should say myself as lucky or not, as I registered myself for 4 subjects, 3 of them which is quite similar with them and another subject is Japanese Language class. The good thing for me is that I'm quite to be "fully utalizing" my next semester's timetable; the bad news is that I'm going to have Japanese class on Saturday. In addition, the whole Saturday will be teaching Japanese with only a little break.

I'm not sure I should be happy or not. I fell so bad, I should had called them when they're not replying my message in MSN, so at least they could be getting the same subject and same class with me too. Not really sure about their timetable, but I really do hope at least we're taking the same subjects...

Lastly, the "door" opened today...careful everyone while going out in the night. You know what am I talking I right ?

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