Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shouldnt Be Blogging at This Time Actually, But ...

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... I couldnt resist it, since this could be my last post of the semester already ! *Sob*

Suppose to be studying that so known "Atomic Structure Bonding and Periodicity" subject, short for "Chemistry" as I called it... let me see, counting down 9 more hours to go till the exam starts tomorrow and 36 hours more then I'll be on the way going back to my hometown Puchong ...

Life seems like passing by very fast (the usual sentence I used for most of my "last post of the semester" ...) and without realizing semester 1 ended, now even the final exam is coming to an end.

I doesnt really wanted to go back that early, which is on the coming Sunday, the day right after tomorrow's paper. Too soon already, I havent got my hair cut, as Rannie restrict me to cut it on my own without his accompany. Well, here's the picture.

#Thats me ... lying on the bed with specs studying Cell Biology on the other day...#

#Its still me, just that without the specs...I remember Kalai said that I looked different without my specs...#

#Yeah, of course the look of the hair seems nice while I lay down, but it doesnt seems to be the same for which I stand up ! You should see how messy is my hair after I wake up in the morning.#

"Going back soon...going back soon" keep on circling inside my head, making me nervous. A few things I gonna miss after I go back to my hometown:

1. Internet !!! *Sob* The internet connection in my hometown was canceled since nobody is using it after I go to Kampar. So, going back means no more MSN, Facebook, manga chapters, Maple and even BLOGGING ! Arr~~ So here I am officially announce and introduce back the "Offline Blog" series, which will starts right after this post.

2. What else, no internet also means no more downloading ! No more Bleach, no more online streaming for Full Metal Alchemist, no more HEROES SEASON 4 which premiere's this coming 21st !!! OMG, what a big disaster to me... So basically I'll be bored to hell, while I'm still be able to go online, so I decided to ... Gossip Girls Season 2 so that I can watch it during my holiday which last for almost a month !!! Hahaha~~#

3. Other than that would be slacking ! Gotta be hardworking in washing dishes, mopping floor and taking care of my little cousin Juno ! Hello Juno, "biao ge" is here still remember me ... hor ?

4. I guess thats all ... since I couldnt think much about it.

Tomorrow gotta be super busy, from packing my stuffs to cleaning the room and for a hair cut ! Did I forgot to mention my final paper of the semester !? Hey... shouldnt I be studying now ? Zzz... And by the way...

Happy Holiday ex-TE 4-rians~


hui min said...

whoa whoa syaoran, without ur specs, you look like you could do cross-play! no offense lar~ it juz came 2 my mind XD

Anonymous said...

Wish you all, Happy Eid & Happy Holiday! Have a nice weekend!

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