Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hungry Ghost Festival -- Ghost Story

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Its still July in the Chinese calender, which is famous for the "Hungry Ghost Festival". This festival doesnt come to an end until the end of July, so how about some ghost story here ?

Warning: If you're pregnant or having heart disease, please do not read further. For those who're under 18, read at your own risk.

The following story is about me myself ... on a trip to somewhere together with my schoolmates.

The day looked dark, it seems like the night is falling. I hurried up and packed my stuffs into my bag and rushed to the bus which is about to start the engine in a few minutes time. I was lucky that I could find myself a seat on the 4th or 5th row on the bus. I put down my bags and took out my camera which my aunt gave me as my birthday present and started to take pictures on my other schoolmates on the bus.

Everyone seems to prefer standing than sitting down when I was taking pictures. After taking pictures at the back of the bus, I moved the camera to the front so I could take pictures of them too. Weird stuffs happened, I saw a black figure on my digital camera's viewing screen, a black figure with some black smoke around it. Despite my curiocity, I moved my eyes from the camera's screen to the actual place, and the black figure was there for real !

The black figure seems like walking around the first row on the bus and it noticed me watching it ! It stares me with its angry eyes and the face looks scary. Suddenly my heart felt cold, my body was shocked of it and started to shake as all the people in the bus went silent. I found my seat next to me and I sat down, keeping my camera safe in my bag and wishing that I seen nothing... Then the bus started its engine and we're off to go.

Its already morning when we reaches our school after the long ride. I still can see the black figure walking around the first row, the whole bus seems to be very silent, as silent as if everyone was asleep, yet I can sence fear. When the bus came to a halt and the door opened, everyone was rushing out of the bus with fierce and scare. Without hesitating, me too get myself out of the bus as quick as possible. The time where I passed by the black figure, my heart felt cold again and I almost trembled down while getting myself out of the bus.

After the bus was gone, everyone started to make noises and small discussions in groups. I was confused and scared, so I seek help from my teacher. She told me that the black figure I saw is a ghost and advice me to seek information from the school principle if I wanted to. I rushed off to the school principle room right after that.

In the principle's room, he waved the chair for me to sit on, as if he already knew my intention of coming to his room.

"His name is xxx (I forgotten the name, but the name makes me realize he's from the western country), died in an accident long time ago."

When I wanted to ask more, he paused me and continue on speaking, "Do not look for him, he's dangerous. You all were lucky as he didnt make any trouble on you all. Now go..."

I'm still a little afraid of the stuffs I seen and I wanted to ask more about it, but I went out of the room as requested by the principle. I walked down the school field towards my classroom which is on the other side of the field with fear of what I seen earlier, then I saw Rannie walking beside me and gave me a pat on the back, some kind of message like "it'll be fine, cheer up" or sort. I gave him a pat back and we walked to the class together.

Then I woke up, in fear and shock. My room was bright, izzit the morning already, or izzit afternoon now ? Dont tell me I turn on the lights while I'm sleeping... Then I reached out my hand under my pillow to take out my watch, it reads 8am. I was glad that it was a dream after all, but its a dream so true that I'm still afraid of the black figure I saw after I woke up.

I focused myself to forget about it and have a small nap as it is just a dream and after I wake up again later on, I'll definitely forget about it. But the angry eyes and scary face of it just couldnt get out of my head and my heart felt cold just as in the dream ! I'm even wondering whether it is in my room that particular time... Without thinking much, I hypnotise myself to sleep by muttering the same word over and over again ... and I woke up later at 12pm.

I wonder what did I do until I'm getting myself such a dream. Couldnt it be after reading Sensei's blog ? Or perhaps while I was blogwalking I found a blogger tells his story on the lift ? Or maybe izzit of the spoiled light in my toilet ? Or maybe ...

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