Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII

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Before we kick start our day, let us have a look at this video first.

Wow, extraordinaryly superb graphics huh ? Yeah, this is the work of Square Enix: the long-waited Final Fantasy XIII. If you're wondering what's that song's name, its "Kimi Ga Iru Kara" by relatively young J-pop artist Sayuri Sugawara. Romanji lyrics can be found on the YouTube site where I got the video from.

Ever since the start of Final Fantasy X or X-2, seems like the later Final Fantasy games for the major gaming console are having their own theme song. One of my research also found that the once-a-very-famous-artist in Hong Kong also performed a song for the previous game Final Fantasy VIII. Her name is Faye Wong, 王菲, with the English song "Eyes on me". Never search never know huh ? Quite a surprise to me too...

After seeing the video, I think that the game play is going to be very fun since you're not playing those polygonal characters walking around polygonal backgrounds back in PS1. As the first ever Final Fantasy game that enter PS3, I bet that the team has put a lot of effort while making this up along with Agito (for the PSP) and Versus (for PS3 too), which will be released sometime in 2010.

The story of Final Fantasy XIII to me is not very clear, but the synopsis of the game could be found anywhere if you search for it. At least it's very clear that the game isnt about politics and power anymore as in Final Fantasy XII, which for me is quite a boring theme for the game. By the way, summoning in the game looks cool too. Lightning: Odin, Snow: Shiva, Hope: Alexander, Sazh: Brynhildr, Yun Fang: Bahamut and Vanille: Hecatoncheir. Both Brynhildr and Hecatoncheir are new summons that joined in the Final Fantasy universe.

Oh ya, the "kissing scene" in the video, I was a little happy that Final Fantasy games are involved in a kissing scene mouth to mouth...I'm not sure about the previous game but a kissing scene in CGI cutscene for a PS3 game, its gotta be good huh ? And, its very romantic to do so surrounded by fireworks too ! =D

Graphic: checked.
Story: checked.
Music: checked.

Saying about music, "Kimi Ga Iru Kara" and "Eternal Love" are the theme songs for the game, both performed by Sayuri Sugawara. The English version Final Fantasy XIII's theme song will be Leona Lewis' "My Hands". Pretty strange huh, Leona Lewis in Final Fantasy. I listened to the song in YouTube and it sounds beautiful, but come to think that its a Final Fantasy theme song, I still couldnt get use to it. Haha~ And lastly, Final Fantasy XIII is the only game where the famous composer Noubo Uematsu didnt take part in composing the musics.

Final Fantasy XIII

Official Japanese website: http://www.square-enix.co.jp/fabula/ff13/
                 Release date: 17/12/2009 (Japanese)
                                     09/03/2010 (English)
                           Genre: RPG
                        Platform: PS3, XBOX 360

A must have game for PS3 holders out there.


kenwooi said...

never really played the game before..
but it looks cool =D


conan_cat said...

i love the final fantasy series!! the problem is now getting a ps3 to play ff13 T____T ps3 is expensive!

the song is beautiful :D ff series always have great composers for the songs :D and ff8 song Eyes On Me was a hit for all gamers around the world :D tho everyone else doesnt seem to know about it, lulz

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