Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Song from My Childhood That I Remembered

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My grandma used to be tuning on "Light and Easy" on the radio during my kidergarden time. She liked to listen to the Oldies by Elton John, Kenny G, Air Supply and lots more. And because of this, I'm been affected by it and in love with the Oldies too.

The post earlier about the Golden Oldies, I get to know it from my grandma through the radio, just that I didnt know the song name and artist. Now I do, and I must remember it well. ^_^

And today when I went to Old Town with Sensei to buy bus tickets, I heard a very familiar song from the shop nearby. Didnt know the artist but I guess I knew the song title. So when I got back home, I quickly Youtube-ed it and BINGO, I found the song. Now I know the name of this artist, its Shania Twain, Sensei.

Until now, this song is still can be heard from Lite FM, the once-before "Light and Easy". This song was released on 2002, there's a much older song from Shania which is You're Still the One.

Its a live version, but her voice is still the same as in the radio. How sweet is this song. My grandma said that I'm singing this song during my kidergarden time...well, its my favorite song ! >w<

Enjoy the songs.

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Gyee Jong said...

Lol...the second song is the song i hated very much cuz during that times the MTV channel can rewind the same MV for 6-8 times a day. Now i listen to the song again...eh...is not that bad actually.....but still i hate it. Hahahahaha

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