Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sunset, Dinner and Rain

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As promised yesterday, the skies of Kampar !

#Sunset taken outside KTAR main gate.#

Well, I guess I'm pretty bad in taking this, but it looks nice to me though. This picture was taken while me, Freezie-chan, Rannie and Sensei ware going for our lunch around 6pm.

#The place where we had our dinner.#

We all ordered our dinner and something catches me...

#To my left, the beautiful mountain with quite-clear sky.#

#To my right, the beautiful sunset that I met earlier...blocked halfway by the KTAR student's hostel.#

Moments later, our food came and lets see what we ate that day...

#Freezie-chan squizing lime juice on her chaw-kuey-tiaw. [RM 3+]#

#Rannie posing with his claypot yee-mee. [Around RM4]#

#Sensei enjoying her chaw-kuey-tiaw without "si ham"... [Less than RM3]#

When my dinner arrive, everyone came and have a piece of it.

#My claypot vegetable and toufu with rice. [RM5]#

All the food taste great and we had a full stomach while we're cycling back home. And thank goodness that we finished our dinner fast enough, because ...

#The view of the sky when I reach home.#

... the sky went dark and the rain falls down when I get into the house. Lucky us !

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Nice pics. Merry X-mas to u and your family.

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