Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baichilization ... Debaichilization ...

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Yes, its a double post for today ! Its rare and there's always a reason behind this double post and guess what, before you get yourself comfortable on your seat, please remember one word: baichilization. Pronounciation: Bak-chee-lai-zae-shyen.

Now, lets take a look at the video.

Warning: The video is in cantonese. If you do not know cantonese, please find a person you know and sit beside you while the video is loading.

If it doesnt work, please try to view it on Facebook here.

Yes, the video is quite to be 白痴 (meaning: stupid, idiot, insane) but the main thing of this video is to get yourself a laugh.

So next time while I'm taking my own photo, I'll not be:

Instead, I'll be:

So, lets debaichilization ? Funny funny...


conan_cat said...

gag jie! xD

haha really funny video! thanks for sharing! :P

kenwooi said...

haha.. interesting =P


The Herbalist Wannabe said...

Farnee! Thanks for posting, will post this in my blog. Come and have a lot as well! http://charredsiewpao.blogspot.com.

Thanks to your blog that I learn this word. hehehe

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