Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finally Updated !

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#Me and my Japanese lecturer + tutor, Chong せんせい (and another student at the back) during the last lecture class on Saturday.#

Being able to use Japanese to have some very basic conversation and writing all these time either in Facebook, MSN or blog, all the hardwork thanks to Chong せんせい for her teaching.

She's not a full-time UTAR staff, so she can be said as a part-timer of UTAR.

Chong せんせい studied for 5 years in Japan while she was young and because of this, she always talk about her life in Japan to us while we're in the tutorial class. And when she starts, we'll just listen to it and forget about the tutorials already...

"Is hard to enter a University in Japan, but is easy to get out of it."

Its fun to listen to her past experience of life in Japan; all those festives, foods, events, attitude of the people, hard time and even ... earth quake and hurricane !

 #Me and Stephanie aka Xiao Pei, one of my Japanese assignment group member, camwhoring each other...should have used my left hand though.#

#Half of the tutorial class student of Chong せんせい. Others ? Back in hometown already I guess...#

It rains while we're still in the middle of the tutorial class, and we're lucky that it stopped when we finished the class. So its time to cycle back home ! One thing that I always wanted to do is...

#View of the sky from UTAR Westlake.#

The view of the lake really beautiful when its a sunset or sunrise (never got the chance to see a sunrise though, since I didnt wake up that early to see it...). Well, gotta bring along my camera next time when I have some evening class just to catch the beautiful lake with a sunset...

And when I reach home, I found this !

#I'm not sure about the name of this tree's flower, but it looks nice..."

Well, not found though, since its been planted at the front of my house. The flower was covered up by water droplets ! I got a close shot of it and it looks quite of beautiful.

Its study week now, so to be said, the semester havent end unless we finished our final exams ! So the usual post of "last post of the semester" still can wait. Haha~

Talking about final exams, when will our examination slip gonna come out ? My Japanese paper is on 12th ! And whats more, when can we register for our next semester's subject !? I cant take the risk to lose a war to snatch the place for my subjects just because of those stupid barbarians who already waiting for the time to come and strike ! And then ...

#Information correct to date 6th December.#

...since when I'm a Master student now ? I thought I'm still a Bachelor Degree student ...


kenwooi said...

wow.. Japanese.. kind hard i think.. =P


Gyee Jong said...

Our unit registeration havent begin yet isn't it???

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