Monday, December 28, 2009

Funny Signboards (and Other's too...)

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Well, it was like already...*checking the time*...almost 6 hours after getting myself back from Ipoh Parade, and I had the mood to blog ! Haha~ Shouldnt get myself awake in the middle of the night anymore, but *tick tock tick tock*, time is running out as I'm going back Puchong real soon and I havent write my favorite "last post of the semester" yet. I think I'll just cancel it for good.

Yeah, just as I said, just got myself back from Ipoh Parade today with Sensei and Scotty. Been out for the whole day and we're so exhausted but we had a lot of fun walking around. During the trip, I found some funny signboards or post... lets start with:

#Please take one ?#

Its a small envelope glued on the pole with some advertisments on it. Sensei took one and read out loud, and threw it away after walking a few steps away from it. The ads is about facial mask. Ugh...not my cup of tea.

#Bus stop sign.#

This is common, just post it out for fun. =]

#On the bus...#

We're not going Buntong actually, and this is for fun too... the real fun is coming right away.

#Do not litter, else fine RM 500...#

As if its gonna be working. As you can see, lots of rubbish found under the signboard, looks like the town people do not get the purpose of the signboard and the signboard itself was not working well too. I thought I only can find it in KL, never thought I could find it in Old Town too...

#Isnt that cute ? Wait, no photo ?#

This is funny, found it inside Ipoh Parade after we had out lunch at Old Town. Its a gift shop and its full of cute plushies and soft toys and whatever stuffs you can get as a present...but the shop is full of "no photo" sign. What do blood type B person does always ? Break the rules while people arent watching !


There it goes, a "no photo" sign was caught in my camera under a surveillance of a CCTV above our heads... And lastly, the most interesting signboards I found for the day goes to:

#来来, 鸡蛋糕 ... *Smells good, I'm buying some of it so that Sensei could take a picture of the sign for me.*#

鸡蛋糕 (pronounciation: ji dan gaou), aka egg cake, cake made from eggs and flour.

Well, whats so special and funny of the word ? The first thing that gets into my head is Rannie, as he's the one that introduced the word to us back in PJ foundation. According to him, 鸡蛋糕 is used to scold people. So basically its same level as fcuk and as$h0le and 白痴 and sorta words.

So... no further explaination is needed I guess.

More pictures of the trip tomorrow. Ciao~

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Gyee Jong said...

I just realize that the whole group are 'B' type peoples. Hahahahaha!!!!!

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