Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Good News !?

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"Your hair is getting very long..."

Yeah I know, even myself also found it long enough and its hard to style it using wax. So I went for a haircut just before the badminton game starts. And here it goes:

#Before hair cut.#

#After hair cut.#

Of course, I'm missing my old hairstyle much more. But when my new hair grows back, it'll be much more better then the current state. Just wait and see...

Its been a real long time since I'm in a good badminton game with my friends. Me and Sensei booked the court in KTAR and we played badminton with our CO chairman and his gf and Harley.

2 freaking days, 4 freaking hours, 2 freaking tired hands and legs... but in the end, we had fun.

#The beauty of Kampar - clear blue sky with clouds and sunset !!!#

#From back to front: Sensei, CO Chairman's gf, and the chairman himself.#

#This time with me at the back.#

While people are scratching their heads thinking hard what to do with their industrial training same as me, I received a miss call from the company that I went for the interview. Since its a miss call, so I called back the company looking forward for a good news.

"Hello, I didnt received the call from your company this morning..."

"May I know who's on the line ?"

"_____ (my name here)."

"Oh ! We're here to let you know that you're accepted for your industrial training placement."

"What ?"

"You're accepted for your industrial training placement."

"Oh !! Thank you very much !"

I asked a few more question back to the officer and ended the call in less than 1 minute. I was so freaking happy that I was accepted. Since I'm in a middle of a chat with my temporary roommate (should I just gave him a name already ? Lawrence that is...) Lawrence with the damned Internet connection, I told him the news and he was glad. Next stop is telling my grandma, and she was glad too.

What a beautiful day, isnt it ?

I'm hoping for my 4th good news coming up: the result of my Resident Evil: Afterlife blogging contest hosted by Nuffnang ! If my post was chosen then I'll be able to go for the premire screening of the movie in 3D ! My first 3D movie ever watched in cinema... Best of luck then.

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Where is my 'Teng Nei Lok San' photo???

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