Monday, September 27, 2010

Holiday: STARTS !!!

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Its always been nice to know that after all the hard work you paid during the exam period is gonna be paid back with relaxation, fun and excitement as the holiday starts !

Well, to celebrate this holiday, I just updated our Chinese Orchestra blog with a small notice. You can find the link posted on the right-hand-side or click HERE to visit the main page. Gonna be missing the whole blogging, Facebook-ing, MSN-ing, YouTube-ing, downloading and reading people's blog as I'm not be able to access to Internet during my Internship period.

So anyway, its holiday !!! And Tweety-chan invited me to have some fun with them on the night of my final exam day. So after my final paper, we had lunch together and discussed about what to do on that night ...

... and the next thing we thought of is: Monopoly !!! Shocking news is that, the Monopoly that Scotty bought was still new and boxed !

#The token that I used for the whole game.#

#All the Monopoly pieces.#

#And hence the game starts with 3 of us and one of her friend. And she's the first to pass go and collected $200 from the banker !!!#

#Then I landed on the Community Chest, and invited Scotty to shuffle the cards before I pick one...#

#... and I picked up a "Go to Jail" card, becoming the first player who go to jail for the game.#

#As the game proceeds, all of us end up being thrown into the jail except Tweety. And by chance, she landed on the same space too, but she's "just visiting" us.#

#After having 2 whole hours of laughing and shouting, its 2am and we cooked ourself Tong Yun in various soup ! Top to bottom: Shine Mango Yogurt juice, lo hon go soup and honeydew juice.#

Never thought of getting all these weird soup-base for the Tong Yun, but it end up quite tasty ! Just after we finished having the dessert, we decided to stop the game and see who's the big winner.

I went back home around 3am and directly went to bed. Its tiring, but its fun ! Its been long since I had so much fun with them already. Haha~ Gonna miss it and, see you two after our Internship !

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wayne said...

I miss playing monopoly! now i only get to 'play' monopoly on econs. :(
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