Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunset II

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#Another photo of the sunset in Kampar that I loved so much...#

When looking back all those pictures I took during my Degree times, I found that there's quite a lot of pictures that are missing coz the memory card keep on corrupting, hence some of them were erased while recovering the data inside it.

Found this picture of the sunset that I took around 6pm+ in Block E walking to Block C in UTAR. I clearly remember its a Thursday as I'm heading to Block C early for our usual DiZi practice.

A week passed... and I'm still so stressed with the stuffs I'm facing now. In less than 3 days time, the misery will end and I'll be free once again.

To the place that we've planned...
To the place that I wanted to go...
To the place that we'll find beautiful scenery... de-stress... relaxation... comfort...

Where ever it is, I'm ready to go anyplace for my holiday before the Industrial Training starts !!!

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