Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 1: PWNED !!!

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When I thought Day 1 of the exam should start off easy and getting tougher and tougher for the day onwards... who knows, we're all pwned. . .by Genetics.

Question 1:
OMG ! What the heck is all these about !?

Question 2:
Just draw some cross and ... how to draw it for this type of question !?

Question 3:
Since when did I learnt to calculate something like this !?!?

Question 4:
Okok at first, then got pwned on the last few sub-questions. I thought I know how to draw out the crosses... Zzzzz

After leaving the exam hall, I heard people said there's actually people who're gonna cry out loud as they dont know how to do all the questions. I personally blanked almost half of the question paper. Sensei just told me that our Genetic Master doesnt even got the mood to "smile" anymore when collecting our answer booklets.

Talking about "smile", I dont think I'll got the mood to do so too. But hey, listen to this song from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie, performed on the orchestra on the Tour de Japon Final Fantasy concert back in 2007.

The video quality is nice, and the music recorded is very clear. And of course, the best thing is still the music itself, performed beautifully by all the orchestra members. Enjoy, Cloud Smiles, composed by Nobuo Uematsu-san.

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