Sunday, September 19, 2010


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#This may not be the best sunset I got... but at least I got it before it sets down.#

Its been long since I'm taking pictures of the beautiful sunsets in Kampar. Gonna be going back my hometown real soon for my Industrial Training, and I'm sure I'll be missing this boring place...

Just before everything ends for the semester, we DiZi gang of Chinese Orchestra had a dinner gathering as most of us are going for their IT too.

#Just before the sun sets down on the other side of the Earth...#

When all of us gathered, what else is better than a photo taking session !?

#The BioChemistry ladies !!!#

#Senior dont bully Junior ya !#

#Teck Hoe and Weng Siu... dont know what they're laughing at.#

#Of course, Sensei and me took a picture together too !#

After we all finished our dinner, of course, we had lots of chatting. And jsut before we're heading back to our own house, one of us had an idea to put a perfect ending to this gathering: another photo shotting session !

#Found a car just opposide the lamp post. Placed the camera there, set the timer and we posed !!!#

#OK, you can see the moon at the back ! I wonder if this is a very skillful picture...#

And there it goes our final DiZi gang gathering for the semester. Gonna see you all again next year January then !!! Miss ya all.

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