Thursday, September 9, 2010

Something Weird I Found ...

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Its been days I've been lying on my bed, pretending that I'm still alive and living on... but the truth is I'm half dead. BORED to death, that is...

And its so good to see Wednesday coming, as Wednesday is the pasar malam day for us in Kampar. Called up Sensei and yLeong and we're off to go. Having a small rain though, but it stopped after a few minutes.

6pm is still very early and not all of the stalls are opened. So we take a detour to a nearby restaurant had our dinner first. Later around 7pm, we went back pasar malam again for shopping.

I bought 2 short pants while the others got some foods and mooncakes. The short pants that I got almost cost me RM50, I think the design is okok for me, will post it out when I finished washing them.

And there it goes, the weird thing that I Sensei found when we're about to cross the road towards our bikes:

#KungFu books ?#

Yeah, the design may be looked like the KungFu-teaching books, or the books of herbs in the old Chinese movies/dramas... but the truth is, this is actually a notebook. I think the book is around 100+ pages thick, and it is made up from recycled paper. The cover and the binding are handmade, you can even request for a notebook with your own name on it ! You can visit their online blog store here to made your order if you cant find them near your pasar malam.

Oh great, now what can I do with these 2 notebooks ? Where shall I use it on ? @_@"

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