Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chemistry Lab !

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Extra post for the day...presenting...Amsha's birthday cake !

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Well yeah...thats me in the fume chamber ! Thanks to Sensei for this so known "professional" picture. I may looked professional with the lab coat well, everyone looks pro with the lab coat !

Eh hem...

Anyway, we're doing titration yesterday during our chemistry lab. Its been the 3-4th time in my life doing this experiment, and I'm happy with it, since its fun to notice the colour changes from colourless to pink or slightly Jestrine-ish-purple.

3 person in a group, and Sensei quickly grab me and "My" Chelle to her side just to make sure we're not snatched by others. After some briefing, we start our experiment. Again, I may look professional in the picture, its just because of the lab coat ! If you're happened to be there, you'll see that I'm kinda messing with the whole experiment.

"Rinse the pipette with 5ml of the acid..." said "My" Chelle.

"I'm using this pipette to get it," taking the pipette after I heard it. But when I'm back...

"Now how am I gonna rinse my pipette !? Should I find a beaker or what ?"

"Why not just put the acid from my pipette into your pipette ?"

The start of the experiment was a mess, coz every apparatus we need to use must be rinsed with 5ml of the solution we're gonna put in or used, and we're all busying to rinse the apparatus till we're not sure what were we wanted to do at first, or maybe I'm the one who're thinking like that.

Titration, all you need to do is one thing - FOCUS.

And so, 3 of us gets 2 turn of titrating the acid (is there a word "titrating" ?). Noted down our results and we "fled" to the cafeteria for our lunch.

Number of reports for this week = 2 chemistry report, summit on next Thursday and Friday.

Gosh...someone please save me. @-@

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