Saturday, June 27, 2009

What an Attitude !

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Been very frustrated with those people these days, I wonder whats their problem actually...I know you dont understand these sentences, so I'm gonna explain whats happening right now.

Well, after the lecture class in DDK1, I'm packing my stuffs so that I can go to the cafeteria for my lunch. When I'm ready to go my place, a bunch of nerds and noobs and whatever it is, rushed towards my place (I'm sitting quite in front that day, front place is very demanding) and said "Sorry, sorry..." to me and walk past my place while blocking my way out.

Hello miss, could you please let me get myself outta here first ? Sorry to me ? You do expect me to say ? "Its alright", "you're forgiven" and sorta stuffs ? My temper rises and I purposely said it out loud "do you expect me to say 'its OK' to you ?" and leave the place while knocking all those who're blocking my way.

Yes, lecture hall DDK1 is huge like a concert hall, but when 2 big group of students are placed in it, DDK1 would be as small as a tutorial classroom.

Rushing in the lecture hall is the same as rushing in the bus; if you're not letting the passengers out, you're not gonna get a place for yourself inside the bus. Although the bus had 2 doors, but still, people tends to get out of the bus from both of the doors. A little patient is important so you'll get what you're waiting for. But for my case ? I dont think they'll understand from my point of view...a student stuck in the middle of a sea of people and couldnt get himself out of the lecture hall...

I wonder if this situation is happening in other university too...

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