Monday, June 22, 2009

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Lets kick start the day with this movie trailer would ya ? Remember Woody the Cowboy ? Buzz Lightyear ? Well, recall your memory as The Toy Story is back with Toy Story 3 ! Its been a very long while ago since Disney and Pixar cooperate and made their first ever CG cartoon movie - Toy Story. I wonder what brings them back in making a sequel to it, maybe 3 is a better number than 2 I guess ?

Still reember the clip I put on earlier about Final Destination 4 - 3D ? Here's the real trailer which shocks you till death ! Imagine yourself in the cinema, where suddenly a nice and cool crashed-race car come out of the screen and flying towards you in flames...instead of thinking how the characters are going to die, why not think about yourself ? What's it gonna be for this sequel ? Watching people die or ... dying while watching people ?

Yeah...even though you cheated death, you cant cheat this time, as the world is going to an end closer than you might think ! From the creator of The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day, brings you another film about the end of the world. 21122012...izzit real that the world will end in this day ? For those who're interested, do note the "search 2012" notice in the end of the trailer. As for me, I would really like to know what would be happening on 21122012...

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