Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cycling Skills

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I've been doubting my cycling skills lately, since I just fell down for the third time in these 2 weeks. Well...the first one hurts a lot, got a quite badly stratch on both the knees while avoiding the motorcycle while the motorcycle actually wanna avoid me as well but the car beside him blocked his way...I hate myself for not stopping the bike at the very beginning.

The second and the third ones are much more lighter, especially the second one, not even a stracth at all, coz I'm wearing my jeans and it helps to protect my knees indirectly. Sensei actually laughing at me when she saw I'm falling again. I guess I'm not gonna take that path again...for now.

Hopefully I'll not be falling from my bike againin the coming days, since there're still 3 more years to go for me to stay at Kampar ! Haha~

Picture of the day: A Day in Maple !

The blue arrow indicates me while the orange/peach arrow indicates the person I met in Maple. Noticed the red box in the character info ? Level 200 Bowmaster, my dream job in Maple ! Woo~

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