Monday, June 1, 2009

Complaining on KH + First Day of Degree

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#Characters from left to right: Xion, Roxas, Axel, "dont know the name" and King Mickey.#

Thats it, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, specially created for the NDS gaming console. I'm pretty excited about the release yesterday and getting more excited once I found a downloadable ROM of the game. Though there're some problem while downloading but finally, I get myself a copy and started to play it it using the emulator !

BUT...unfortunately, the game only playable till this title screen.

When I checked the forums I found out that Square Enix placed something like "Anti-Piracy" on it, making it unplayable using the emulator for computer gamers. Not sure whether its playable using the real NDS console for the downloaded file, but the main purpose of it is to stop piracy.

For people who doesnt know how to crack the code using special software, they got no choice but to wait for professionals to do it and then upload it somewhere in the net. I tried to patch it my own, but failed to do so, since the instructions of patching are confusing !

Anyway, paid the fees and registered myself in UTAR this morning. I'm having the mixture feeling of "being a UTARians" and "an outsider wondering around UTAR" before and after registered myself. Met Mr. Able in the cafeteria with Jest and Sensei. Didnt really thought of meeting a lecturer we known in Kampar before, so its a like a surprise for us. He's also happy to met us here. Then I finally reached the lecture hall of Kampar campus, one word, "huge".

A little dissapointed on something...dont wanna say it loud here. Cant write more on it too, since you lot might be able to guess it out. Remaining it as "secret" would be a better choice. Haha...its a good day though, since its my first day becoming a Degree student !

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